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Call for Speakers

Submitting papers

Send us your proposal for review (a brief description will do) and you could find yourself chosen to present at the region’s only annual brewing conference.

Here are some topic ideas to help you get started

  • Brewery Operations

  • Technical Brewing

  • Packaging

  • Quality Control/Assurance

  • Safety

  • Beer Dispensing

  • Craft Beer Branding

  • Craft Beer Sales Strategies

  • Sustainable Brewing

  • Start-Up’s

Previous editions of the conference have seen topics such as Local Ingredients in your Beer, Brewhouse Quality Assurance (always a hot topic!), Yeast Harvesting, Sensory Analysis and Solar Powered Brewing.​

Submission guidelines


Brew Asia 2024 will feature 3 main presentation types:

  • Presentation Sessions

  • Discussion Groups

  • Workshops

Important information to note when submitting

  • Tell us your experience in the field of your chosen topic. A 100-word bio would be ideal.

  • Presentations Sessions should be approximately 30 minutes long, allowing within that time for a Q&A with the audience.

  • Discussion Groups should have a clear lead topic and would ideally start with a brief 5 minute introduction before opening to the floor.

  • If you wish to run a Workshop you will need to provide all the materials/equipment required for it. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to set up.

  • Discussion Groups may range from 60-80 pax in size.

  • Please indicate if you have any commercial affiliation with the topic you would like to present on (other than regular brewery operations).


Please send your seminar/workshop proposal to Charles Guerrier –

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