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Brew Asia Conference

The Brew Asia 2023 conference programme will feature over 30 individual sessions including keynote speakers, technical presentations, interactive workshops, sensory sessions and discussion groups designed to help propel your business to greater heights!


Best practices and industry innovations will be shared across the 3 conference tracks of Brewery Operations, Ingredients and Distribution & Marketing so there'll be something for every member of your team at Brew Asia 2023

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2023 Programme Now Brewing!

We are now accepting applications for presentations for our 2023 conference. If you would like to present a technical paper, workshop or run a discussion panel please submit a brief outline of your paper or discussion topic here (closing deadline for submissions 30 June 2023)


2022 Highlights

2022 saw a wide variety of presentations, workshops and discussion panels. View our 2022 programme here and highlights below

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Innovation, Success and What Beer Drinkers Want to Buy

Charlie Papazian, Founder/Past President, Brewers Association (USA)

You’ve invested your heart and passion to make a beer your customers admire, enjoy and want to buy.  How do you maintain a business and a culture that beer drinkers will continue to admire for years to come? Innovate.

Innovation is not simply a uniquely brewed beer. It is a mindset that small and craft brewers must include with every aspect of their business to survive, improve and establish a long-term presence in the world of beer.  It is an essential effort and attitude that all your company’s team members must be engaged in. Let’s discuss innovation and listen to my stories about brewery visits around the world.  Innovation continues to be a driving force for all successful small and craft brewers.

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The Art of Nimble - brewing into the future

Mazen Hajjar, Founder/CEO, Hawkers Beer (Aus)

COVID was not the first nor will it be the last challenge to face brewers. While we were all focused on COVID, our industry was under attack by many other external players like Seltzers, Non-Alc, Spirits, etc... It is comforting to know that beer has been around for 17,000 years and will probably be around for many more, but that is no assurance as to the survival of individual brewers. We all must somehow adapt, be nimble, and predict trends without losing a grip on who we are.

Lennart Paul-Pax, Georg Drexler, Brewing Solutions, BarthHaas GmbH Co. KG.png


A Taste of the Future - The Inspiration Range

Lennart Paul-Pax, Georg Drexler, Brewing Solutions, BarthHaas GmbH Co. KG

Promising a vision of the future of hop usage, this sensory tasting session will introduce unique ways of using hops to create exciting new offerings. Uniting creativity, craftsmanship and the latest brewing trends, Barth Haas’s Brewing Solutions team has been exploring concepts beyond the traditional, resulting in the new Inspiration Range.

Join for an instructed tasting and discussion session covering four non-alcoholic hop-based beverages, namely Hop Water, Hop Tonic, Kombucha and a Zero-alcohol beer, as well as two full strength beers containing innovative products LUPOMAX® and Kettle Redi®.


This highly engaging session, presentation by Lennart Paul-Pax and Georg Drexler of the Barth Haas Brewing Solutions team, will have limited places and is expected to be fully subscribed. Register for your place at the Barth Haas booth on-site at the SEA Brew trade fair!

Sylvie Van Zandycke, Daniel McCulloch, Richard Chamberlin (Siebel Institute _ Lallemand Br


What’s that taste? Definitely a process flaw!

Sylvie Van Zandycke, Daniel McCulloch, Richard Chamberlin (Siebel Institute / Lallemand Brewing)

Join Lallemand Brewing and the Siebel Institute for this interactive sensory session during which you will learn to identify the aroma and flavour of five common off flavour compounds, understand their sources within the brewing process and how to avoid them in your beer. An in-depth look into the production of Diacetyl, Oxidation, Lightstruck, DMS and Acetaldehyde and how to avoid them.

The session will conclude with a side-by-side tasting of beer brewed with AB Vickers Aromazyme, a β-glucosidase enzyme added during fermentation, coupled with a discussion of biotransformation in beer.
This session has limited places and is expected to be fully subscribed, to avoid disappointment please register for your seat at the Lallemand Brewing booth in the SEA Brew trade fair.

Grace Whitby.jpeg


Raising The Bar: Answering the Challenge of "Premiumisation"

Grace Whitby, Marketing Manager, Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery

Over recent years, nearly all fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories have seen consumer demand trend in the direction of more “premium” products. In the Brewing world, this has helped the rise of the Craft Beer sector. With increased focus on flavour, quality ingredients and more appealing packaging, premiumisation has had a big impact on the products shoppers are seeking out. But is that enough?

With the increase of both budget options making craft beer more affordable, and new players continuing to enter the market, the challenge of premiumisation is two-fold for existing brands. So the question is this; how does a beer brand hold its own in a premium-focussed market dynamic?

In this workshop, craft beer marketing specialist Grace Whitby we will explain what premiumisation looks like in the beer sector, and run through a practical exercise covering the key steps and questions you need to ask to ensure your brewery is ready to answer the ever evolving sales challenge.

Oliver Woods.jpeg


Beer Near Me: Winning The Digital Battle For Customers

Oliver Woods, Founder, Beer Asia

Do you want more people to buy your beer and visit your bars? Do you want more brewers to know about your hops, malts or machinery? In this workshop, digital marketing expert Oliver Woods will share strategies, tips and tricks for building your brand and selling your beer, food and other products online during this actionable workshop.

From how-to guides to improving SEO/Google rankings for brewery sites to a cheat sheet for running successful social media campaigns, this session will also include a live 'self-audit' workshop. 

In real-time, participants will find areas for improvement and identify both quick wins and longer-term suggestions to improve their website, social media and search presence.

Narihiro Suzuki.jpeg


Wild Yeast "Kadoya 1" - From Tree to Table

Narihiro Suzuki, CEO/President, Isekado Brewery

A study in the process of making a beer with wild yeast.

One of our biggest strengths at Isekado Brewery (Mie Prefecture, Japan) is our knowledge of yeast. For our award winning “Hime White” ale we harvested tree sap from a local tree to isolate a wild yeast to use in the brew – our “Kadoya 1” yeast. In order to isolate and select the perfect yeast for our beer we analyzed its aroma component with the GC/MS-tof instrument and compared its fermentation character with other yeasts. Using the data we gathered we selected the ideal beer style for “Kadoya 1” and so was born the International Award winning "Hime White" with it’s unique fermentation aroma and flavour.

This presentation and discussion group with yeast scientist and President of Isekado Brewery, the 5th largest craft brewery in Japan, Narihiro Suzuki will take an in-depth look into the methodology used to harvest and isolate wild yeast. 

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Attracting & Retaining Talent in our Industry


Across the planet breweries are struggling to not only find brewers but to hold on to them, and Asia is no exception. There is no conveyor belt of talent into the industry. How are we going to ensure there are enough brewers, assistants and sales people over the next 10 years to sustain the significant growth the craft beer industry is experiencing? A panel of experts drawn from across the region will discuss where the industry is falling short in addressing the concerns (and demands) of the next generation of brewers and hope to suggest solutions, with the help of audience input, to the ongoing crisis.

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