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 Kveik Brewing: Brew like a Voss!

In the Brew Asia Virtual Technical Session held on Thu 14 May, we heard from Gianmaria Ricciardi from Lallemand Brewing, who shared details of the development process and fermentation performance of the new game-changing LalBrew® Voss Kveik Ale Active Dry Yeast. He also be outlined results of lab & field trials, how and why the strain was isolated and selected, as well as how to get the best results from your kveik yeast.

Here's both presentation by Gianmaria and the an attendee led Q&A.

While many brewers across the region are experiencing lockdown conditions the Brew Asia Technical Sessions are being run as a series of online webinars. Each week we shall be addressing a new topic. Look out for our next webinar, "Expert Solutions To Your Brewing Problems", a panel discussion on Wednesday 27th May! Pre-register here:


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